Saga Gibbs has had many clients report their headaches, back pain and insomnia have greatly improved or disappeared completely after as little as one to three sessions with her.

Below are what a few of her clients have to say:

I would definitely recommend Saga as she is professional, peaceful and has an amazing ability.

I had headaches/migraines that just wouldn’t budge with medications. I went to see Saga once and they eased up. After a second treatment they were gone! I have not had them that bad again.

I continue to see Saga since last 3 years and I find that her relaxing Reflexology and Massage speeds up my recovery time.

– Rachel Fraher

I’d really recommend Saga to anyone who needs to get their systems cleared out and rebooted, especially others who think they are suffering from adrenal fatigue.

I have been suffering from adrenal fatigue for a few years. I got used to running on empty as if that was normal. I had weekly reflexology sessions with Saga (including hot stones), followed by fortnightly follow ups. It has been really positive and helpful for me. I feel like my system has had a clear out and is in the process of rebooting itself.

I’m listening to my body much more often. My energy levels have changed to the point where I am wanting to go for a half hour run/walk combo – literally can’t remember the last time I had the inclination to do that…..many years ago.

I am also feeling much greater mental clarity – like I have cleared out a load of dusty old junk filled cupboards in my mind….I’m now working my way through my to-do list, rather than being paralysed by inertia at the overwhelming volume of things to do.”

– M. North Canterbury

Thanks Saga, you are such a warm and friendly person and that comes across in your practices. My little girl arrived a week after seeing you.

Thanks for being so patient with my hot pregnancy flushes. I found the session to be so relaxing and that feeling stayed with me throughout the whole rest of my day.

– Amelia Rex

I’ve found my experience with Saga and reflexology both enlightening and healing.

I’d recommend to anyone this powerful treatment. Saga is truly professional with a warm and positive environment to receive treatment. I have followed through on her suggestions and am reaping the benefits of my time with her. Thank you for lightening the load Saga.

– Trish Kenmare

I saw Saga today for a persistent ache in my lower back for which I had so far received physio and chiropractice treatment.

I found Saga to be a skilled and warm therapist. She combined hot stone massage with reflexology. I felt so much more comfortable and relaxed after the first treatment. I am definitely going back to Saga, and can highly recommend her professionalism. Her studio is tidy, quiet and warm.

– U Frank

“A wonderful treatment. My body loved it!!!”
– Ina Eef Ting

Fantastic treatment with Saga today at Pascha Centre. Very professional and relaxing. Can’t wait to see her again soon 🙂 Thank you, Kat.”
– Katrina Picillo

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