I will be following whatever the Ministry of Health recommends.

These are measures I will be taking to ensure everyone is safe:


  • Please use hand sanitiser at front door.
  • Shoes off policy in the foyer.
  • Please fill in the sign-in sheet in case contact tracing is needed.
  • Face masks are available in waiting room.
  • Important : Please don’t turn up if you are unwell, or have had contact with someone who is sick – let me know asap (no cancellation fee).


  • Thorough and regular hand washing.
  • Change my clothing and all clinic linen between clients. The linen are professionally cleaned and sanitised.
  • Tissues and hand paper-towels will be available.
  • I may wear a face mask and vinyl gloves if required.
  • I will disinfect tools, equipment and surfaces including doorknobs after each client.
  • Spacing bookings; I may ask you to tweak the time slot you have chosen.
  • Reflexology is the best suited treatment during this time. However if Massage is requested I will avoid face massage and any close proximity to your face, or wear a mask.
  • I will not be offering any refreshments and will keep the room bare and clean.