Indian Head Massage

This works very well for tension and sinus headaches and mental blocks, as well as back,neck and spine problems. In combination with a foot reflexology treatment (90min Combo) it gives a longer lasting relaxation and emotional ease.

How Does Indian Head Massage Work?

For thousands of years, Indian Head Massage has been practiced in India, traditionally to improve scalp and hair conditions. Saga uses the system which incorporates the whole back and upper arms, the face, neck, shoulders, as well as the head and hair. These areas are believed to be energy centres of the body and contribute to treating and being beneficial to the whole body.  Saga also uses the ancient tool of Kansa, a copper bowl or wand. The rubbing of this on the skin with oil has a soothing, detoxifying effect and eliminates excess build up of acidity in the skin/body. These are used particularly on the Face and Feet.

Tension can accumulate inside the body from negative feelings such as stress or anger, and surface as stiff neck and shoulders, eyestrain and/or hair loss. Indian Head Massage is extremely effective at breaking down the blockages and relieving built-up tension.  Saga also incorporates a spinal Reflexology technique, Metameric massage, which clears the nerve tensions along the spinal cord. This is effective for release of tensions in the Sympathetic nervous System and so balances any under functioning vital organs as well as the corresponding emotions.

Indian Head Massage is a convenient and very therapeutic treatment that can provide instant relief from stress and tension, leaving you tranquil and peaceful and with increased awareness and focus. Other benefits include: better sleep, increased longevity, promotes good eye-sight, nourishes the body and promotes stamina, prevents de-hydration, strengthens the immune system by stimulation of anti bodies, helps the electromagnetic field of the body as well as the electrochemical balance.

The soft tissue and joints are manipulated by a variety of techniques in a simple, yet effective therapy with plenty of warmed, pure, coco-nut oil with a range of massage rhythms and pressures according to the individuals needs/constitution.

What are the Benefits of Indian Head Massage?

There are many benefits to Indian Head Massage, both physical and psychological. These benefits include aches and pain relief through relaxation of the muscles, through to mental and emotional stress relief.

The physical benefits of Indian Head Massage are many, and include such areas as:

  • stimulated hair growth
  • increase energy levels
  • body relaxation
  • improved circulation
  • increased oxygen uptake
  • relief from tension headaches, migraines and eyestrain
  • body detoxifying
  • a glowing, smooth complexion
  • prevents illness and aging

Back, neck and shoulder massage helps to eliminate muscle tension and stimulate circulation through increased lymphatic draining. This helps to disperse waste material and toxins from the body and increases the distribution of oxygen to the body’s tissue.

The mental benefits include:

  • relief from insomnia and fatigue
  • decreased anxiety and depression
  • increased mental alertness and memory
  • mind relaxation, and relief from mental tiredness and tension

Indian Head Massage Therapist

Saga has completed her professional training and has many years of experience with Ayurvedic massage techniques including Indian Head Massage.

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I am continually in awe of Saga’s ability to respond from many complementary perspectives and different depths/layers e.g. nutrition, feelings etc. I also feel the genuineness of Saga’s compassion and this is an essential ingredient.

Julie S

I had headaches/migraines that just wouldn’t budge with medications. I went to see Saga once and they eased up. After a second treatment they were gone! I have not had them that bad again.

Rachel Fraher